Sun & Moon hotel rises in Phnom Penh


THE Sun & Moon Hotel Company has announced the opening of Sun & Moon, Urban Hotel in the heart of the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh.

Situated within walking distance from the city’s major attractions and just a few hundred metres from the busy riverside, the hotel positions itself as an affordable hotel that carries modern design elements.

As well, it aims to meet emerging demands of the global traveller by basing its design and services on modern and international standards.

Covering a total construction area of 7,200m2, the property was designed by Adrien Desport Architects (ADA). It takes the form of a T-shape with eight facades, two of which face the outside streets. The remaining facades look out to low-rise neighbouring properties.

“Our strategy was also to consider how to configure the layout of the hotel, bearing in mind potential future high-rise construction density in the surrounding area,” ADA’s principal architect, Adrien Desport, said. “This resulted in a three-block structure (the three branches of the T-shape) built around a central distribution atrium, which links the various part of the hotel.”

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