The path to purchase is paved with good travel videos

VIDEOS are a growing catalyst for travel purchases with viewers looking to connect with creators and travel brands, said, who has released a guide on how to latch on to video as a vehicle for marketing.

According to Google statistics based on the US market and released in August, two out of three US consumers now watch online travel videos when considering taking a trip.

Other statistics related to travel videos have skyrocketed – views of travel-related content on YouTube are up 118 per cent year-on-year; and travel video watching has increased 97 per cent on smartphones and 205 per cent on tablets.

Meanwhile 88 per cent of YouTube travel searches focus on destinations, attractions, points of interest, and general travel ideas in that order.

Google also found that 67 per cent of travel-related views are for brand or professionally released videos, while 71 per cent of travel-related searches on YouTube are for destinations.

Furthermore, video-watching is not a one-off affair, and most want to stay in the loop by subscribing to YouTube channels.

Most popular travel videos are those featuring authentic, real-life stories, and almost 50 per cent of travel subscriptions are to video blogs that feature personal travel experiences.

Bronwyn White, co-founder of, commented: “If an image is worth a thousand words, a good video is worth tens of thousands of dollars…As video becomes a bigger part of the traveler’s path to purchase, the tourism industry needs to embrace video with a passion.”

Successful tourism entities are embracing video to tell stories. “Show your secrets. Make videos with professionals – or start off doing it yourself by making videos using images from your smartphone,” she urged.

White dispenses advice on how to improve your marketing through videos here.

Destinations that have started down this path include the Japan’s Discover the Spirit of Japan campaign launched in March 2013, and as highlighted by White in her presentation, a video by the Devonport City Council.

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