Jogjakarta hosts premium Swiss tourists

A GROUP of 177 top-notch Swiss travellers will visit Jogjakarta from tomorrow until Saturday as part of their 24-day world tour on an Edelweiss Air chartered flight, a testament of Indonesia’s ability to draw the moneyed crowd.

Organised by Globus Reisen/Voyage, the tour departed Zurich on March 10 and covers Cuba, Tahiti, Australia, Indonesia, Myanmar, India and Oman. It is priced at 22,500 Swiss francs (US$24,000) per person.

Jongky Adiyasa, managing director of the group’s Indonesian groundhandler Ina Leisure, said: “This is a high-end niche market which Indonesia has potential to attract. It is also good news for Jogjakarta’s tourism, which is getting back on its feet after the devastating Mount Merapi eruption and is still facing the problem of cold lava flow.

He said the Swiss operator had distributed 200,000 brochures and embarked on digital and electronic promotions last year, and word should have reached at least 500,000 potential future travellers.

Said Adiyasa: “This is not the first time Globus Reisen/Voyage has included Indonesia in the world tour package. In 2009, they chose Bali. This time, the Borobudur Temple is the highlight.”

He said Ina had also suggested visits to the Jogjakarta Palace and Prambanan Temple, as well as the Ramayana dance-drama performance and batik shopping.

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