Brunei Tourism steps up marketing with two overseas offices

BRUNEI Tourism has appointed Beijing-based Longway as its marketing representative for China/Hong Kong and the Walshe Group to represent it in Australia/New Zealand. The appointments are for a two-year period and mark the sole overseas offices for the sultanate.

Brunei Tourism CEO, Sheikh Jamaluddin Sheikh Mohamed, said the NTO would work with these representatives to conduct travel trade and media activities.

China/Hong Kong is the sultanate’s second largest market after Malaysia, generating 13,224 air arrivals in the first seven months of 2010. Australia is the fifth largest market, with some 8,440 air arrivals during the same period, while New Zealand is eighth, with 5,146 air arrivals.

This year, Brunei Tourism is targeting a 20 per cent increase in air arrivals over last year, an ambitious goal as previous annual targets were just around 11 or 12 per cent. A five-year masterplan will be unveiled in July.

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