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Asiatravel suspends trading on SGX

Asiatravel.com Holdings has ceased trading after its controlling shareholder missed an important payment late last month, Singapore's Business Times reports. Established in 1995, the Singapore-headquartered...

Warm reception to TAcentre’s next-gen AR tours in Israel

The world-first augmented reality (AR) theatrical tour in Israel offered by TAcentre.com and its B2C arm Asiatravel.com is seeing good reception among Israel's tourism stakeholders...

Seeing the Holy Land in new light

TAcentre.com and its B2C arm Asiatravel.com recently launched the world’s first augmented reality (AR) theatrical tour in Israel. Standing among the ruins of the Hipodromo in the ancient...

Asiatravel’s augmented reality tours of Israel bring history to life

Asiatravel and its B2B division TAcentre, in partnership with Yaturu 5800 Israel, are hoping to bring "Hollywood theatrics" to tourism with the launch of...

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