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Tag: Indonesia Travel Agencies

Bali’s backpacker ban proposal draws tour operators’ ire

Travel operators in Indonesia have hit out at the government's controversial plan to ban budget travellers or backpackers from entering Bali, as it looks...

Bali pitches vaccine vacations to boost visitation

In a bid to inject some vitality back into Indonesia's languishing tourism industry, the government has teamed up with travel companies on vaccine tour...

Vaccine tourism a shot in the arm for Indonesian agencies

A handful of Indonesian outbound travel companies have turned to marketing Covid-19 vaccine vacations in the US, as ongoing border closures continue to stifle...

The way forward

In the face of adversity, some travel agents have chosen to keep their spirits up with training and alternative business, while others have reworked operations to face a new travel future. In this final instalment of a three-part series on the Asian travel agent community, we check in on Indonesia and Singapore.

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