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Tink Labs ceases Handy smartphone service in most markets

Hong Kong-based company Tink Labs, which equips hotels globally with in-room handsets for guests, is terminating its services in multiple markets following the cessation...

Roiback directly integrates with Book on Google

Roiback, a specialist in the management of the direct channel of hotel sales, is the first Spanish tech company to directly integrate with Book...

Making smart moves

Hong Kong’s smaller hotels and boutique properties are catching up on digital transformation, rolling out automated solutions in areas from operations to smart rooms to enhance the guest experience.

SG developer acquires IT group to expand hospitality solutions

Top Global, a lifestyle developer in the region, is expanding its smart solutions business and developing next generation products and services for the hospitality,...

HK hospitality tech company bags seven-digit sum in MindWorks-led Series A

Hong Kong-based hospitality guest servicing platform, StayPlease, has raised a seven-digit-US-dollar sum in a Series A round led by MindWorks Ventures. StayPlease plans to use...

Roiback incorporates online check-in for hotel clients

Roiback, a Spain-headquartered tech company that manages the direct channel of hotel sales, has launched an online check-in for hotel guests. Guests will be able...

Hotels get personal to drive direct bookings

Hoteliers are taking control of their direct booking channels by stepping up personalisation, guest engagement and B2B relationships, industry players were eager to show at the...

How hotels can be high touch in a high-tech world

Making guests feel special is what hotels do best, and hospitality providers should use technology to provide the high-touch connection. Take it from Roman Milisic – who made clothes for Gwen Stefani and Lady Gaga out of X-rays and zip ties – and today applies his creative and forward-looking vision in a world of boutique hotels as creative director of the mobile hotel curation, booking and experience platform, Porter & Sail

China’s hotels smarten up

Robot bellboys, facial recognition technology and fully automated check-ins are becoming a norm among hotels in China

VR and other hidden tech driving hotel business

Jay Jhingran, general manager of The Continent Hotel Bangkok, shines a light on the technologies that lay hidden from the view of guests, but that can serve as strong enablers for hoteliers.

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