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Tag: Covid-19 Impact

UN report underscores tourism’s key role in global economic recovery

Tourism's critical role as a source of employment and economic development will determine growth for the global economy, notes the 2022 edition of the...

Profiling the traveller of 2022

More than ever, people are desperate for a cabin fever remedy, and once they are out on a trip, they intend to stay out longer, meet new people, experience new destinations, and support communities they visit.

The art of reimagination and reinvention

The pandemic travel freeze has sparked off a wave of innovation in Singapore’s tourism landscape as tour operators and hotels rush to pivot their offerings to lure local patrons, boosting the country’s destination attractiveness in the long run.

Liz Ortiguera

With the pandemic putting up a persistent fight, PATA plows on with its multi-layered support system for travel and tourism members, and now focuses on strategic initiatives that will bring the industry towards a sustainable future, shares the organisation’s CEO.

Hong Kong tourism hangs in the balance as Omicron surges

An unexpected fifth Covid-19 wave has cast a shadow over hopes of a recovery for Hong Kong's tourism sector as authorities tighten anti-virus curbs...

Groundhog Day: Omicron brings back recovery woes

Living with Covid should not be an endless chain of disruption, confusion, complexity and hopelessness, as some of the Omicron measures taken by anxious governments have made people feel.

First person: What it’s like travelling to France under VTL scheme

As the Boeing 787 taxied down Changi Airport’s runway and the plane’s engines rumbled to life, a surreal feeling washed over me. This was...

Hong Kong to ban transit passengers from high-risk countries

Hong Kong's international airport is set to ban transit by passengers from designated high-risk countries to keep Omicron out, according to a Bloomberg News...

Sabre SafePoint adds travel restriction tracking capability

Sabre Corporation has expanded SafePoint, its travel risk management product, to include global travel restriction tracking. The solution is not limited to a singular event,...

Omicron’s rapid rise hurts travel bookings in India

A worrying rise in Omicron cases and the subsequent restrictions imposed by the central and state governments have dealt a fresh blow to Indian...

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