Sydney Airport signs five-year technology deal with SITA

Sydney Airport has inked a five-year contract with SITA for the provision of common-use services which will enable the implementation of a low-touch passenger journey, an improved baggage experience, and significant operational efficiency benefits for the airport.

Launched on March 1, the solutions are deployed at both Terminal 1 (international) and Terminal 2 (domestic). They comprise SITA BagMessage, which eliminates the need for multiple baggage system interfaces between airlines and airports; as well as SITA Flex, a common-use platform that enables replacement of current traditional common-use touchpoints such as check-in, gate boarding, and service desks.

Sydney Airport deploys SITA Flex and SITA BagMessage to enable a smarter passenger experience

The latter also builds on existing infrastructures – such as on-site and off-site bag drops and kiosks – which can be re-used and repurposed as required, offering efficiency benefits in a time of economic uncertainty.

Sumesh Patel, SITA’s president of APAC, said: “We understand the harsh impact of Covid-19 on airports globally and we’ve adapted our solutions to deliver airport operations that are resilient, agile, and highly cost-efficient.

“SITA’s goal is to provide best-in-class technology solutions and to help Sydney Airport reshape its value proposition to all its stakeholders. A key element is to ensure maximum use of existing assets and technology infrastructure.”

Sydney Airport’s vision for development had been laid out in its 2039 Master Plan, and the core tenets of this plan mirrored SITA’s mission and technology roadmap. Enhancing the passenger experience, increasing efficiency, focusing on safety and security, and driving productivity were shared focal points.

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