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Asia/Singapore Thursday, 18th April 2024
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Tag: Conservation

Raja Ampat’s plan to claim deposit on cruise ships sparks outcry...

Aimed at protecting the ecosystem, the Raja Ampat administration in West Papua intends to tighten regulation on cruise tourism by rolling out a circular...

Indonesian trade cries foul over partial closure of Borobudur temple

Travel trade players in Yogyakarta have been dealt a second blow with last week's closure of the top levels of the Borobudur temple to...

All aboard the Tiger Express

To raise awareness of the dwindling population of wild tigers, Belmond is partnering Save Wild Tigers to offer a six-night itinerary onboard its Eastern...

Fishy business in Asia’s aquariums

Asia’s aquariums are pulling out the stops to present guests with more than giant fish tank displays. Can conservation and animal welfare interests co-exist with their pursuit of the next visual and entertainment height? TTG Asia reporters find out

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