Personalisation for good measure

Growing demand for personalisation in travel has put DMCs and travel operators’ expertise into sharper focus, but at the same time the tailor-made wave has opened up new concerns for players and even put traditional industry relations under question.

Growing midscale appeal

An expanding middle-class and greater cost control in business travel are fuelling growth in India’s mid-market hotel segment

Seeking out wellness in China

China is making great efforts to develop health and wellness tourism, leveraging its traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts specialities

Getting back up again in Kerala

Tourism in flood-battered Kerala is rebounding, but the promotional momentum gained while driving its recovery is not about to slow

China’s hotels smarten up

Robot bellboys, facial recognition technology and fully automated check-ins are becoming a norm among hotels in China

Top 2019 picks for SE Asia

Inbound travel agents from the 10 ASEAN member countries pick the hottest adventure, nature and culinary attractions that are on their radar this yearCanoei

New year, new outlook

As travellers seek authentic experiences more than ever, what key trends are Asia’s leading inbound agents keeping an eye on for 2019, what are the opportunity areas, and what challenges lie ahead?

TTG top list: travel business leaders to watch in 2019

The TTG Editorial team reveals who’s on our to-watch list and the stories we wish to cover

How voice assistants are changing our lives

Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google Assistant are names that have recently become familiar to many people throughout the world. Many of us call upon them from time to time to help us with mundane tasks such as web browsing and Internet searches, making phone calls, checking weather information or playing music.

Mario Hardy’s musings on Kazakhstan

Ahead of the PATA Travel Mart in Kazakhstan, Mario Hardy, the association's CEO, finds himself back in the capital city of the former Soviet republic, where he discovers an intriguing blend of modernity and remnants from the past, a museum he calls the most fascinating site he has visited in a long while, and more.

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