In search of zen

As more people expect to maintain their wellness routine at home and abroad, hotels and resorts are tuning up their facilities and services to better cater to health-conscious guests, discovers Mimi Hudoyo

Onward march to recovery

South-east Asian tourism authorities and stakeholders are taking swift action to patch the leak in tourism business brought on by the Covid-19 outbreak, and choosing to keep their eyes on the road to recovery.

Beating the economic slump

Despite economic headwinds, domestic tourism is keeping India’s hotel industry afloat, aided by GST rate cuts and the liberalisation of e-visa regime, reports Rohit Kaul.

Embracing quiet charms

Riding on the growing trend of experiential travel, Shikoku is touting its lesser-known experiences such as yuzu picking and runcations, writes Pamela Chow.

SE Asia’s most wanted

The tourism landscape in South-east Asia is constantly evolving, with travel trends moving towards sustainable tourism and slow travel. Hear from ASEAN NTOs and industry stakeholders which of the region’s game-changing destinations should make it to our watchlist for 2020.

Combating Delhi’s smog crisis

As hazardous levels of air pollution in Delhi casts a pall over inbound tourism, Indian tour operators are finding ways to fight the confidence crisis in the face of falling arrivals and flight of tourists to other cities in the country, writes Rohit Kaul.

The quality approach

Japan is leveraging the marketing wave of the recently concluded Rugby World Cup and the upcoming Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games to attract more longhaul visitors with higher spending. Pamela Chow speaks to industry stakeholders to find out what their plans are.

Tourism in 2020: what lies ahead?

In the current climate of global economic slowdown, geopolitical risks and trade tensions, what does the year ahead have in store? We ask travel industry chiefs to give their take on how South-east Asia’s tourism sector is shaping up in 2020.

Truly, madly, deeply

TTG Asia’s team of editors, journalists and designers may have their fingers on the pulse of a fast-paced and ever-changing travel industry, but they also know how to have fun and laughter at work and in their personal lives. Read on to find out what made their most memorable and creative experiences this year.

Sun, sea and senses

Cruise lines are no exception to the battle of rolling out more immersive, multisensory products. Here’s a look at some of the most exciting features that is transforming the cruise experience for a new generation of experiential travellers

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