Walking the walk on sustainability

Destination New Zealand has pledged to put environmental and cultural values at the heart of tourism pursuits, where for the first time, its NTO is trudging forward in partnership with the conservation ministry. Find out about the nation’s fervent commitment to its key assets, and how tourism players in the private sector are also doing their part.

The changing face of OTA-hotel relationships

Hotels and OTAs need each other, but the scales of their symbiotic relationship often appear tilted in favour of OTAs in the latter’s aggressive growth path in the past decade. As hotels big and small now seek to assert greater control of their distribution channels and commission structures, how will their love-hate relationship with OTAs evolve in the next phase?

The missing link

Thailand is putting forth a more compelling high-end proposition, with suppliers stepping up on service and experiential offerings. But is manpower keeping up?

Locals take the wheel

As Cambodia’s tourism landscape matures, more locals are taking the lead and devising innovative tours to give visitors a true taste of the country and help them discover outlying areas, while driving social and economic change at the same time. By Marissa Carruthers

Connection gains offset slowdown

Amid a domestic travel slump, Indonesian hotels are finding cheer in more international air services linking up the country to new markets. By Mimi Hudoyo

An ever-changing island

From north to south, Bali is seeing a flurry of new developments and plans, all with the aim of uncovering new markets and opportunities for the popular island destination, writes Mimi Hudoyo

Local sojourns

More are converting heritage or family properties into hotels, drawn to new opportunities at a time when travellers are seeking a taste of local hospitality.

Plane sailing experiences

As the global airline industry puts a stronger emphasis on the passenger experience, TTG Asia looks at how major carriers in Asia-Pacific are reinventing their products and services at every step of the air travel journey

Natural playground

Now that Belitung has become a hot domestic destination, the next step is for 
the destination to step up its pursuit of the international market. Does Belitung have what it takes to attract more foreign visitors to its shores? 
Tiara Maharani finds out

Down, but not out

Sri Lanka was one of the world’s hottest holiday destinations until the Easter Sunday bomb attacks dealt a devastating blow to country’s fast-growing tourism sector and travellers began shunning the Indian Ocean island in droves. Can Sri Lanka’s tourism sector make a comeback from this setback? Feizal Samath assesses the situation

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