Galeries Lafayette to debut in Macau

Luxury department store Galeries Lafayette Macau will soon open at YOHO Treasure Island Resorts World Shopping Centre in Macau on January 26, marking the debut of the first Galeries Lafayette in Hong Kong and Macau.

Galeries Lafayette Macau will offer diverse shopping experiences and activities that will attract international and local shoppers and infuse Macau with a tapestry of urban vibrancy and fashion allure.

A rendering of Galeries Lafayette Macau, which will open officially on January 26

Positioned as the “New Waterfront Fashion and Art Landmark”, this shopping haven overlooks the Nam Van Lake and houses over 100 renowned international and designer brands, including more than 10 first-in-Macau brands and the cross-brand area EDIT by Galeries Lafayette.

Designed with French elegance and charm, Galeries Lafayette Macau will also feature a seven-metre indoor replica of the iconic Parisian landmark, the Eiffel Tower.

To celebrate the grand debut of Galeries Lafayette Macau, there will be shopping offers and exclusive limited-time events, such as the debut of the first Marni Market in Macau, and Byredo’s first Chinese New Year-themed pop-up store in Macau with limited-edition tea sets, and more.

On the official opening, January 26, Galeries Lafayette Macau and Charlotte Tilbury will jointly present Macau’s premier brand drone show above the Nam Van Lake to celebrate the occasion.

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