Grand Prix Museum debuts 360-degree panoramic view feature

The Macao Grand Prix Museum has launched a 360-degree panoramic view feature for residents and visitors to enjoy an online virtual tour in the bid to spark greater interest for real-life visits to the venue.

Through professional photography and software, the technology brings the zones, installations and exhibits in the museum to life three dimensions.

A 360-degree panoramic view feature brings the zones, installations and exhibits in the Macao Grand Prix Museum to life

Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) continues to optimise what the museum has to offer with new elements incorporated. Through a blend of diverse and interactive experiences, visitors can delve into the history and world of the Macau Grand Prix, which promotes integration across the fields of “tourism + sports”.

Also on display at the museum is the stamp series themed “Museums and their Collections VI – Macao Grand Prix Museum” by Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau which manifests the captivating scene of the Macau Grand Prix.

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