TA Network welcomes Thai DMC to its travel ecosystem

Trip Affiliates Network (TA Network) has teamed up with Thai DMC Lark Holidays to provide their IaaS level travel infrastructure and connectivity services.

This collaboration will empower Lark Holidays’ clients with virtual card or local fund transfer services to process payments dynamically with their business partners and minimise payment fees, particularly cross-border and FX fees.

TA Network will provide digital solutions for Lark Holidays; Chiang Mai in Thailand, pictured

Balaji Manavalan, managing director of Lark Holidays, commented: “TA Network has been going to great lengths with their technical excellence and has agreed to do the same for Lark Holidays. Lark Holidays welcomes this new relationship as it aligns with our expansion plans across the Asia-Pacific region.”

TA Network managing partner Josef Foo added: “The exchange of services and products from this partnership will provide digital solutions to the issues faced by today’s travel agents. Following this collaboration, problems such as unaffordable gaps in the technology and complicated connections between suppliers and distribution channels will be resolved.”

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