Luxury Tours picks Trip Affiliates Network to drive digital transformation

Singapore-headquartered Luxury Tours & Travel (LTT) has inked a digital partnership deal with B2B travel technology company Trip Affiliates Network (TA Network) to power regional expansion.

LTT provides travel services and content to its global trade partners, including airport transfers, sightseeing tours, worldwide hotel accommodations and tour packages. Also headquartered in Singapore, with offices in Indonesia and Thailand, TA Network provides a broad range of system solutions designed to streamline and automate business processes.

Luxury Tours’ partnership with Trip Affiliates Network comes as Covid-19 accelerates the need for digital business transformation

The LTT-TA Network partnership brings together deep know-how in business and technology elements. TA will be providing a broad range of cost-effective digital solutions, including online supplier connectivity, scalable channel distribution, digital payments and operations automation.

“Appropriate adoption of technology will be critical in a post-Covid era where travel agents will be faced with ever more dynamic travel demands and pricing,” said Jennifer Chang, LTT’s general manager and a travel veteran with more than 35 years of industry experience.

The DMC’s partnership with TA Network to embark on a complete digital transformation will “enhance our competitiveness and enable us to accelerate our regional expansion plans”, she added.

Josef Foo, Trip Affiliates COO and managing partner, said: “We are excited with the tremendous potential of travel agents to transform digitally and achieve higher revenue and operating margins. In the post Covid ‘new normal’, our agent clients with their human agents will be well positioned to provide personalised travel care and arrangements, be it for FIT, small group or large group tours.”

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