Thai tourism history course to launch in 2024

Travel trade historian Imtiaz Muqbil is poised to launch a 55-module course in 2024 that will unravel the history of Thai tourism.

The course casts a wide net, offering an unfiltered narrative of the sector’s tumultuous journey over the past seven decades, from the history of leisure tourism to the annals of business meetings and associations. Each module spans three hours, and will cover two topics, allowing ample time for questions and discussions.

Muqbil: future generations may learn from our own rich history and heritage

The course is designed to cater to a diverse audience – from destination planners and business development professionals to CEOs, government officials, academics, consultants, investors, and civil society groups.

Muqbil underscores the course’s importance in preserving Thailand’s rich tourism heritage for future generations: “It is important to have such a course available so that future generations may learn from our own rich history and heritage. Thailand has been a tourism pioneer, both respected and envied. No country in the world has faced so many back-to-back crises and bounced back so rapidly.”

Muqbil is actively seeking partnerships with academic institutions, both in Thailand and abroad, to host the course.

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