ASITA holds first travel fair

ASITA Pariwisata, the association of Indonesia’s tour and travel companies, launched its first travel fair, in partnership with BRI Bank, last week.

Ensued by the B2B ASITA Jakarta Travel Mart (AJTM) events in the last few years, which were organised by the Jakarta Chapter, ASITA Pariwisata chairman Artha Hanif shared that the B2C ASITA Tour Travel Fair will provide a larger platform for members to market their products and boost their sales.

ASITA Pariwisata’s travel fair aims to provide a larger platform for members to market their products and boost their sales (Photo: Dhini Oktavianti)

The aim of the fair was to highlight the variety of products that association members – comprising inbound, outbound, domestic travel companies, as well as Umrah and Haj travel companies – offered, noted organising committee chairman Hasiyanna Ashadi.

She said: “By holding this travel fair, we are connecting members with customers (particularly BRI bank account holders who were given 15 per cent discount on sales). We are also encouraging members to be more creative with their products to attract customers, who expect to find new and interesting products.”

For example, Thayiba Tora Tour and Travel offered a bonus 3D2N trip to West Sumatra (Padang Bukittinggi and Solok), inclusive of accommodation and flights, to attendees who bought Umrah and Haj packages during the ASITA Tour Travel Fair.

Meanwhile, Buttonscarves Travel offered a Haj and Umrah package which comprised all pilgrimage necessities such as the ihram cloth, prayer mats, and even suitcases.

The Indonesian immigration office also set up a booth to serve passport applicants, making the show a one-stop shop for travellers.

During his opening speech, Triawan Munaf, tourism and creative economy deputy chairman of the Indonesia Chamber of Commerce, said: “ASITA is like a supermarket (whose members) do not only sell destinations, but need to be skilful to package and promote their products.”

He remarked such B2C events are important platforms for travel companies to market and sell their products, but it was also important to have a quality show and not merely focus on the quantity.

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