Bhutan joins global luxury travel network Virtuoso

Bhutan has been accepted into Virtuoso’s portfolio of luxury travel partners, which comprises over 20,000 advisors and partners from more than 2,300 of the world’s best travel companies.

This collaboration aligns perfectly with Virtuoso’s vision of fostering sustainable tourism and reflects Bhutan’s unwavering dedication to preserving its natural and cultural heritage.

Bhutan is now part of Virtuoso’s portfolio of luxury travel partners

It will also help drive more bookings to Bhutan, where visitors can explore Bhutan’s natural landscape and partake in an array of activities from guided treks through forests and valleys, to spa retreats that embrace ancient Bhutanese wellness traditions.

“Collaborating with Virtuoso, we aspire to illuminate the incredible rewards of regenerative travel and extend our authentic hospitality to global wanderers seeking transformative experiences,” said Dorji Dhradhul, director general of Bhutan’s Department of Tourism.

“Bhutan’s commitment to preserving its abundance of natural beauty and profound cultural heritage, while welcoming travellers to experience its wonders, aligns with Virtuoso’s belief that travel can serve as a force for good,” said Cory Hagopian, senior vice president sales & partnerships, Virtuoso. “With travellers increasingly seeking out destinations with deeper meaning, Bhutan offers a spiritual sanctuary for those fortunate enough to visit.”

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