Vietnam’s new hospitality centre to train next generation

A new hospitality training centre has been launched in Vietnam’s Danang in a bid to fill the employment gap in the sector left by Covid-19 while providing underprivileged youth with opportunities.

Vietnam-based B&B Ideas Group has teamed up with Rotary Club Danang and social enterprise Sunrise Potential Partners to create Cocoon, a vocational introduction course to F&B for orphans and less fortunate people living in the area.

Cocoon is a vocational introduction course to F&B for the less fortunate people living in Danang

The first batch of 25 students aged 15- to 17-years-old from Danang Street Children’s Centre and Danang Disabled People’s Association started the one-year course in June. The aim is for them to secure employment with the region’s local and international hotels upon graduation.

“Although still in its infancy, we aim to achieve our first semester of budding young F&B people looking to gain access in further hospitality training or working within the restaurant and hotel community,” said Andrew Joyce, B&B Ideas Group founder, who started working as a chef at the age of 15.

“I myself worked at a very young age after being given the opportunity to enter the hospitality industry with almost no experience and qualifications. It is vital that the F&B industry holds an open-door policy to all young people,” he added.

“Worldwide, the F&B industry is suffering immensely from lack of staff. We need to ensure that young people from all walks of life, cultures and backgrounds enter this industry.”

In the Central Vietnamese coastal city of Danang, the hospitality and service industry accounts for 31.4 per cent of the city’s GDP. However, the sector has been hit hard by the pandemic, with a 50 per cent reduction in its labour workforce.

According to Cocoon, the city lacks qualified employees, particularly chefs and waiting staff. However, it is hoped that the vocational training course will fill part of this gap.

“B&B Ideas group will always keep at the forefront of its strategy, helping young people get started in the industry, as well as vulnerable people and people of determination. This is key for us and we will continue to find new ways that we can help make an impact,” said Joyce.

He added that future plans include supporting young women who have been abused and victims of trafficking.

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