South Koreans sweep into Danang

The Central Vietnamese coastal destination of Danang is enjoying a huge increase in visitors from South Korea, and tourism players are tapping into the surge.

According to figures from Vietnam National Authority of Tourism, Vietnam welcomed more than 2.274 million South Korean visitors in the first eight months of 2023 – making it the country’s top source market. This is about 16 times the growth of the same period in 2022.

More South Koreans are flocking to the Central Vietnamese coastal destination of Danang

Dinh Quoc Thich, founder of Thich Tours, said many South Koreans are now flying directly to Danang, drawn to its coastal location and cooler climate, combined with a strong shopping scene, integrated resorts, food and proximity to cultural sites such as Marble Mountains and Hoi An.

This is in addition to a flight time of about five hours, and up to 20 direct flights a day connecting major cities Seoul and Busan being offered by several airlines.

Pham Ha, founder and CEO of LuxGroup, noted a “significant” increase in interest from the South Korean market.

“Eight years ago, along with Japanese and Chinese tourists, South Koreans knew Danang for its golf tourism. Now, South Korean tourists also love many other experiences, such as culinary, variety of entertainments, luxury resorts, clean beaches and culture,” he said.

“It’s also easy to take direct flights connecting major Korean cities with Danang, which make access more seamless.”

Noting the potential the market holds, LuxGroup is adjusting its marketing strategy. This includes offering more content in the Korean language, partnering with South Korean travel agencies, and creating packages that suit South Korean travel preferences.

Guilhem Cavaille, general manager at Diethelm Travel Vietnam, said: “South Koreans coming to Danang is supported by an impressive number of daily direct flights at very interesting rates. They come for the beach, the golf, and ease and accessibility of many diverse activities. In the region, there are not so many other destinations gathering all these advantages.”

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