Khiri Campus takes over Ground Asia to reinvent educational travel

Khiri Campus, a new specialist ground handler and programme creator for young people around the world travelling with educational institutions, has launched in Asia, taking over from Ground Asia, which ceased operations in 2021 due to the pandemic.

Through the rebranding and relaunch, Khiri Campus will leverage on the expertise, knowledge, itineraries, reputation and contacts of its predecessor, Ground Asia. Both have been responsible for implementing 237 projects for 4,036 students in six Asian countries over the last five years.

Khiri Campus offers programmes for schools where students experience service learning, outdoor adventures, cultural explorations and environmental work

According to Future Market Insights (FMI), 73 per cent of the global educational tourism sector was generated by the 19-25 age group pre-Covid, with an estimated worth of US$400 billion a year. FMI also estimated a growth rate of over 17 per cent leading to 2031.

With the educational travel sector for young people growing strongly again, Khiri Group’s director, Simon Drayton, said the timing for the rebrand and relaunch was right.

“The new Khiri Campus starts with fully enhanced and updated itineraries and field learning options,” he said. “Post-Covid Khiri Campus journeys have been designed for global students seeking to strengthen leadership skills and learn first-hand about different cultural, educational training experiences and MBA study tours.”

Khiri Campus offers programmes in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Laos.

Just last month, Khiri Campus took 12 students from Australia on a 15-day culture-focused trip to Sri Lanka. They also facilitated and led a visit of 19 Australian college students on a 15-day trip to Java, Indonesia, where the focus was on biotech, pharmacy and public healthcare.

For universities and colleges, Khiri Campus now offers business, health care, social science and natural science learning trips. For schools there are programmes for service learning, outdoor adventures, cultural explorations and environmental work.

Drayton shared: “Due to pricing and the quality of cultural and field experiences, Khiri Campus expects Asia to be at the forefront of a renewed demand for educational travel for young people.”

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