Switzerland Tourism, Trafalgar to create first fully Swisstainable itinerary

Switzerland Tourism and Trafalgar have teamed up to develop the first-ever Swisstainable travel itinerary that will support Switzerland’s natural and social resources while achieving Trafalgar’s net zero commitment.

This new three-year partnership aims to introduce a range of Swisstainable products within the Switzerland programme of Trafalgar as well as its sister brands, Costsaver, Insight Vacations and Luxury Gold.

Trafalgar will offer an eight-day itinerary that support Switzerland’s natural and social resources; Lucerne in Switzerland, pictured

Trafalgar’s eight-day journey, Contrasts of Switzerland, will take travellers through Zürich, St Moritz, Zermatt, Geneva and Lucerne, and includes Swisstainable accommodations, experiences, meals, a new Make Travel Matter Experience, and greener transportation considerations such as replacing vans with train travel on the Glacier Express and Golden Pass Train Line.

The Make Travel Matter Experience comprises immersive impact experiences that align with the ethos of Swisstainable. For this itinerary, it supports small, women-owned local businesses in Zurich – travellers join a walking tour led by a local guide through old-town Zurich to learn about the medieval history of the city and current topics of social solidarity as well as learn about the ethical production and conscious consumption of chocolate.

Guests will also be introduced to the work done by those at Essen für Alle (Food for All), which distributes food to immigrants and refugees living below the poverty line in Zurich.

The first Swisstainable itinerary from Trafalgar will depart on April 30.

“Travellers today are very mindful about responsible tourism. Our partnership with Switzerland Tourism is a perfect example of how we are working towards net zero by striking a balance between the realities of our environment with the needs of local communities,” said Mae Cheah, managing director, Trafalgar, Asia.

“Switzerland Tourism is proud to turn sustainable philosophies into action thanks to the partnership with The Travel Corporation (TTC). This partnership will further help us to position Switzerland as one of the most sustainable travel destinations in the world,” explained Pascal Prinz, director global accounts & emerging markets, Switzerland Tourism.

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