Singapore launches on-screen fund to inspire travel through TV and films

The newly announced S$10 million (US$7.5 million) Singapore On-screen fund, while not a big budget, is betting on the initiative creating and repeating the international impact of the 2018 Hollywood hit Crazy Rich Asians.

Co-funded by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) to encourage the use of Singapore as the backdrop to create content and deep story, the initiative is also expected to boost the local film industry.

STB hopes the fund will provide more opportunities for local media enterprises and talent to collaborate with international counterparts (Photo: STB)

The announcement was made at the Travel Industry Conference on April 5.

IMDA noted that the fund was not aimed at catering to a specific genre of film/TV projects or skillset.

Justin Ang, assistant chief executive, IMDA noted: “A big part of the fund is targeted at companies willing to set productions in Singapore and willing to commit to hire a certain amount of local media talent to be involved in such productions. So that, one, it will help boost the direct involvement experience transfer, but also the ability to boost the credentials of our media talent.”

The fund, IMDA added, would “provide more opportunities for our home-grown media enterprises and talent to collaborate with their international counterparts to hone their skills and gain experience on projects that target the global audience”.

“Having our local media talent involved in such projects will boost the credentials of our local media industry and also showcase Singapore’s capabilities to take on large-scale productions on the global stage,” the agency said.

In response to TTG Asia‘s query, STB’s spokesperson pointed out the board was “not limiting to any aspects in particular” – which is why the Branded Entertainment sizzle reel that was shown during the plenary session – showed diverse possibilities from modern and sci-fi to drama and high-speed chase scenes.

“What’s key is to tap the deep storytelling expertise of global media and entertainment players in a more purposeful way, showcasing Singapore through a fresh lens as travel demand recovers,” commented the spokesperson.

Editor’s note: Quotes in paragraph five to seven were wrongly attributed to an STB spokesperson. This has been corrected.

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