Resorts World Cruises adds Penghu to itinerary

Resorts World Cruises has announced that from April 11, Resorts World One will call on Penghu, a collective name for nearly 90 islands, in Taiwan.

The ship will now offer vacationers a convenient alternative to visit the island county of Taiwan every Tuesday during the four-day/three-night cruise, which features two destinations as part of the itinerary for sailings departing from Kaohsiung and Hong Kong.

Resorts World One will call on Penghu, the island county of Taiwan, from April 11

Activities at Penghu include the beaches, snorkelling, fishing and island-hopping boat tours. Guests can also savour the seafood delicacies, shop for local dried seafood, and explore the historic Magong city renowned for its rich heritage and culture with natural scenery.

In addition, shore excursions can be made to Baisha Island, famous for the Baoan Temple, where a 200-year-old Banyan Tree covers 660m² of land and beaches such as Shili and Sanshui.

Michael Goh, president, Resorts World Cruises, said: “Resorts World One will grow and increase the inbound and outbound tourism, which will enhance and create new economic opportunities for Kaohsiung, Penghu and across Taiwan.”

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