InterContinental Danang unveils new musical spa

Named after the tones in the musical scale, the new Mi Sol Spa set within InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort applies sound therapy to its programmes to tune guests back to physical, mental and spiritual wellness.

According to its press statement, each tone in the musical scale has a specific vibration frequency and can enhance the flow of natural energy around the body. For example, mi – 528 hertz – can stimulate love and restore equilibrium, while sol – 741 hertz – cleanses the body of toxins.

Using tuning forks to harness these frequencies and blending them with ancient wisdom and modern science, this wellness centre promises to help every guest achieve complete relaxation and rejuvenation.

Mi Sol Spa offers eight treatment villas that are based on the tube shape of Quonset huts. These elegant suites are complemented by soothing saunas and steam rooms, hammam beds, Jacuzzis and marble bathtubs.

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