Airai signs agreements to boost eco-tourism and healthcare in Palau

The Airai State Government is collaborating with Airai Global Corporation (AGC) to revolutionise eco-tourism and healthcare in Palau with two key signings on January 19 at Sheraton Petaling Jaya Hotel.

The agreement outlines the development of an integrated eco-resort and various facilities across a land area of up to 23 million square meters, which will help drive economic growth in Palau. This will comprise the development of special economic zones in fields like non-invasive modern healthcare, exclusive premium villas, marina, seaport, tourism infrastructure, and theme parks.

The two signings will see the development of Palau as an eco-tourism and healthcare destination

AGC is also joining forces with Pure & Cure Health Care Group to provide high-quality healthcare services with plans for a local cell therapy centre. Both companies aim to address prevalent health issues, such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, benefitting both locals and foreign tourists.

There is also the passport programme for migration to Palau to bring about more high net-worth foreign migration traffic.

Acting on the government’s call for more foreign investor participation in recent years, AGC has forged ahead with the Tourism+ initiative to build an integrated leisure destination encompassing culinary and recreational attractions, shopping, entertainment, culture, arts, healthcare and more. It will also strengthen cooperation with public and private sectors, and expand the list of countries of inbound tourists and boost diversification.

An AGC spokesperson commented that Palau is not only “a paradise for investment but also the largest all-natural health and wellness paradise in the region”, remaining mostly pure and pollution-free due to no heavy industries and intensive agriculture at the destination.

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