, Amadeus partner to streamline payment process

Travel agencies reserving accommodations through the Amadeus Travel Platform can now choose to process payment using a wider range of virtual cards from Amadeus’ digital wallet, across more than 1.3 million accommodation options.

The Amadeus B2B Wallet solution integrated with reduces the demand on travellers to provide upfront payment information or to make payments at the point of check-in or out.

The collaboration reduces the demand on travellers to provide upfront payment information

Travel agents paying for hotel stays now have the choice of using 14 different card types including credit, debit and pre-paid options, provided by participating banks from across the world.

For travel agencies, the Amadeus B2B Wallet allows them to set and manage priorities for how they pay accommodation providers, with the virtual card automatically recommended for each individual stay within the booking flow, saving time and creating efficiency across the entire booking experience.

Katja Bohnet, vice president of hospitality distribution, hospitality, Amadeus, said: “By helping agents pay for stays with’s accommodation partners, we’re removing several points of friction. Travellers no longer need to provide card details at check-in or make a payment for the room at the front desk when they check out.

“Travel agents can align how they make payments depending on their strategic priorities thanks to a wide choice of options from our issuing partners. Accommodation partners will also receive payment quickly and reliably: it’s a win-win-win.”

Jeremy Cornuau, global director for partnerships,, added: “Our primary aim is to make every aspect of the travel experience easier and more streamlined for travellers and travel providers alike, including when it comes to payment options.

“The Amadeus Travel Platform is an important distribution channel for our accommodation partners and making virtual payments part of the reservation process is a big step forward for everyone involved.”

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