Cathay Pacific to plant mangrove trees across South-east Asia

Cathay Pacific’s 1 Ticket, 1 Tree initiative will see trees planted in various mangrove forests across South-east Asia as part of its sustainability efforts.

Every ticket sold via its website from Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia, from November 1 to 30 this year, will result in one tree being planted.

Cathay Pacific’s initiative will plant a mangrove tree for every ticket purchased

Launched last year in Thailand, 1 Ticket, 1 Tree is accompanied by the debut of a similar initiative, Join For Trees, earlier this year in Indonesia and the Philippines, where the airline committed to plant a tree for every new member sign-up.

With both programmes, Cathay Pacific has planted more than 1,000 trees in the mangrove forests of Thailand, Indonesia and soon the Philippines.

Dominic Perret, regional general manager, Southeast Asia and Southwest Pacific, said: “1 Ticket, 1 Tree is in line with our broader sustainability efforts, which include contributing purposefully to the communities we serve.

“We embarked on this tree-planting effort because many of our communities in South-east Asia depend on mangroves for food, protection and income. As always, we strive to make a meaningful impact, both in service and sustainability.”

With 1 Ticket, 1 Tree covering more countries this year, Cathay Pacific hopes to plant significantly more trees this year than last.

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