Charlie Puth puts Singapore in the spotlight

As part of the SingapoReimagine campaign, Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has partnered with Warner Music Singapore and Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter and producer Charlie Puth in a creative collaboration to provide a fresh lens on Singapore’s multitude of offerings.

In his first-ever collaboration with a destination, Puth will reimagine Singapore up-close and personal through his musical lens as he converses and shares his experiences, while exploring the different sights and sounds, from iconic spots to hidden gems.

Charlie Puth reimagines the sights and sounds of Singapore in a video that features spots such as the Marina Bay

A video highlighting Puth’s travels around the city in a bid to invite travellers to realise their passion for travel through fresh and innovative experiences in Singapore, will be released in October across STB and Puth’s social media platforms.

Back in Singapore after four years to promote his latest album, CHARLIE, Puth shared: “This is my third time in Singapore, and each time there’s something new to learn and discover. But this visit is extra special, because I’m using the details of everyday life in this city to tell a story through music.

“Singapore is full of colours and unique sounds at every turn. That’s what makes it so fascinating, and that’s what inspires me when I make music.”

His one-week trip included Here Is SG, the latest photo-worthy spot and interactive space at Marina Bay waterfront promenade, and lesser-known locations such as The Projector, a historic movie theatre turned independent creative platform; and more. Puth taps on his musicality to interact with the symphony of sounds unique to each location, as he shares his personal journeys and thoughts on these experiences.

Choo Huei Miin, director, brand, STB, said: “The sights and sounds of our city is a great match with Charlie’s passion and creativity. We were thrilled that Charlie chose Singapore as the only destination in Asia for his album promo, giving us the opportunity to work with Warner Music to showcase our diverse offerings through his talent.

“As international travel recovers, such creative collaborations help us reach a global audience and position Singapore as a must-visit destination that offers unlimited possibilities.”

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