Singapore speeds up overland checkpoint movement with tech

Travellers arriving and departing Singapore by car via Woodlands and Tuas overland checkpoints can expect faster passage from March 19 as the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) adopts a QR code system for immigration clearance.

Currently, travellers need to hand over their passports to the ICA officer at the car counter.

Singapore will adopt a QR code system for immigration clearance at its Woodlands and Tuas overland checkpoints from March 19

A QR code can be generated for individuals, while a group code can be generated for those travelling in the same car. Travellers will need to download the MyICA mobile application on their mobile device and populate their passport details in the application.

First-time visitors and those re-entering Singapore using a different passport from their last visit to Singapore will need to present their physical passport for immigration clearance. They will be able to use the QR code for immigration clearance on their subsequent trips.

ICA officers will conduct face-to-face checks of travellers using data retrieved backend through the QR code.

According to ICA, the QR code initiative can deliver estimated time savings of around 20 seconds for cars with four travellers, to approximately one minute for cars with 10 travellers.

Overall waiting time can be reduced by more than 30 per cent if most car travellers use the QR code for clearance. This initiative also offers travellers contactless and more hygienic immigration clearance.

ICA plans to progressively extend QR code clearance to the other clearance zones at the land checkpoints. This will allow travellers in other means of conveyance to also enjoy faster and more convenient immigration clearance. Details will be announced in due course.

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