Thailand showing strong signs of travel recovery: Sojern

Thailand is seeing a steady tourism revival, with nearly two million foreign visitors coming on shore in the first six months of this year.

As of August 5, international flight and hotel searches are up 164 per cent and 111 per cent respectively compared to the start of the year, noted Sojern.

Thailand’s tourism is steadily recovering with almost two million foreign visitors in the first six months of 2022

All global regions demonstrate positive uplift in the lead-up to Thailand’s high season from November, with Thailand on its way to meeting its goal of expected tourism revenue of up to US$65 billion next year as compared to the US$62 billion achieved pre-pandemic in 2019.

Following the government’s classifying of the country as a green zone for Covid-19 in July, businesses, entertainment venues and tourist attractions have eased and eliminated pandemic-related restrictions. In response, travellers have been quick to return.

Based on flight bookings from the last 60 days, the top five origin countries are Thailand (domestic), Singapore, South Korea, the US and the UK, with India, Australia, Germany, Vietnam and Japan making up the remaining top ten.

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