VTL scheme prompts 204% spike in enquiries for TTC

The Travel Corporation (TTC) has seen a sharp increase in interest for travel to vaccinated travel lane (VTL) destinations from 2021 until next year, with a 204 per cent increase in enquiries, and a 30 per cent successful conversion rate to confirmed bookings.

Nicholas Lim, Asia CEO of TTC, said: “The gradual expansion of the VTL scheme brings a renewed sense of hope to the beleaguered travel and tourism industry. In the recent weeks, some of these destinations have experienced a rise in the number of cases or have abruptly gone into lockdowns, but what our figures demonstrate is that Singapore travellers are very much willing to travel again.”

Amid uncertainty, TTC sees more Singaporeans booking in advance even as far as September 2022

Among hundreds of available itineraries, travellers from Singapore are increasingly interested in Trafalgar’s Spanish Wonder (Madrid and Barcelona), German Christmas Markets and Swiss Delight itineraries, leaning towards seven to 10-day trip durations.

TTC has also witnessed an increase in uptake for 2022 travels, particularly during spring (April and May) and autumn (September).

Travellers are also hopeful to travel in non-VTL destinations, with 2022 bookings to Portugal, Turkey and Scandinavian countries.

The desire to travel also cuts across all ages. TTC reported that guests come from a variety of backgrounds, from couples below 60s to small groups such as families with children who are looking into June and December trips, and friends who want to travel together in Central Europe.

Older couples are also looking into the Uniworld River Cruises itineraries, while couples and friends aged between 40s to 60s are booking on coach brands.

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