Malaysia unveils Covid-19 insurance to woo medical tourists

In a bid to entice more healthcare travellers to the country, Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) has collaborated with Tune Protect Group to introduce a Covid-19 travel protection plan for foreign nationals seeking medical advice and treatments in private hospitals in Malaysia.

Known as the Covid Travel Pass+, there are two types of plans: the basic and premium plan. The basic plan provides medical expenses and hospitalisation coverage due to Covid-19 of up to RM100,000 (US$23,849); and the premium plan, up to RM350,000. Both plans also come with a bereavement allowance of RM10,000.

Malaysia offers Covid-19 cover as the country starts to reopen to international tourists

Benefits of the travel insurance plan include trip cancellation, flight on arrival delay, loss or damage to checked-in baggage, and Covid-19 diagnosis quarantine allowance (RM350 per day up to RM2,450), among others.

Rohit Nambiar, group CEO, Tune Protect, said in a press release: “Malaysia is recognised for its award-winning healthcare services and with travelling restrictions loosening up, we are expecting the number of healthcare travellers to increase.

“With this, we are pleased to collaborate with MHTC as we believe in going where customers want us to be. The timely collaboration provides convenience and worry-free travel experience for healthcare travellers seeking to access medical treatment and advice here in Malaysia.”

Mohd Daud Mohd Arif, CEO of MHTC, said the launch of the travel insurance plan is part of the council’s strategy “to demonstrate Malaysia’s strengths as a safe and trusted destination, and offer healthcare travellers accessible and affordable protection plans as the country begins to welcome international visitors back to our shores”.

Launched last week by Tune Protect Group, the Covid Travel Pass+ is designed to help foreign travellers entering Langkawi in Malaysia and destinations in Thailand meet the mandatory Covid-19 insurance coverage requirements set by the respective governments – which is a minimum of US$80,000 for Langkawi and US$50,000 for Thailand.

The service is currently available to foreigners flying AirAsia into Langkawi and destinations in Thailand, and will later be rolled out to other destinations.

Eligible travellers can purchase the Covid Travel Pass+ when booking their flight tickets on the AirAsia super app. Post-flight purchase subscription is also available prior to departure.

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