Mitsubishi Estate taps to spur regional tourism in Japan has teamed up with Mitsubishi Estate, one of Japan’s biggest property developers, to help regional tourism in Japan recover from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Chinese OTA and the Tokyo-based company will work together to support the areas served by Mitsubishi Estate-owned airports in Japan. Under a joint agreement, efforts will include publishing, developing new travel products and encouraging new airlines to use the airports. to promote areas in and around airports operated by Mitsubishi Estate, including Mount Fuji 

Since its launch of airport operations in 2018, Mitsubishi Estate has expanded its portfolio to run 10 airports. These include Mt Fuji Shizuoka Airport in Shizuoka Prefecture; Miyako Shimojishima Airport in Okinawa Prefecture; Takamatsu Airport in Kagawa Prefecture (on Shikoku); and seven airports in Hokkaido (New Chitose, Obihiro, Asashikawa, Memanbetsu, Hakodate, Wakkanai and Kushiro). Group’s online platforms will feature information on special promotions and sightseeing spots in and around those areas, which include Mount Fuji and the scenic Fuji Five Lakes; the famous Ritsurin Park, one of Japan’s finest gardens; the “art islands” in the Seto Inland Sea; the sandy beaches and water sports of Miyakojima; as well as some of the wildest, most untouched parts of Hokkaido, including Akan Mashu National Park and Daisetsuzan National Park.

Mitsubishi Estate, meanwhile, will use digital signage at its facilities to outline and promote the various services of the Group.

Both companies are also exploring the possibility of a cross-border e-commerce service selling the specialty products of the regions concerned on Group’s e-commerce sites. They are also considering how to develop travel products, such as tours, to attract inbound tourists to Mitsubishi Estate-related regions of Japan.

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