Travelport+ hits the market with several buy-ins

Travelport has launched its next-generation platform, Travelport+, as part of its new global strategy and commitment to accelerate industry innovation in multi-source content distribution, travel retailing and value generation.

It is built to contain a lightweight and highly functional microservices API, complete with NDC content; enhanced airline ticket exchange tools; a trip container to manage all aspects of the trip; and a sophisticated point of sale solution to address the needs of the professional travel agent.

Travelport+ capabilities will enable users to deliver higher value trips

Such improved retailing and merchandising capabilities as well as support from Travelport’s leading data and insights will enable Travelport+ users to deliver higher value trips.

“It’s a monumental moment in our history and in the development of our industry”, said Greg Webb, Travelport CEO.

“Travel hasn’t kept up with the evolution of modern digital retail and today, the buying and selling of travel is more complex than it needs to be. As Travelport is the only dedicated, global, travel distribution platform, we have made a multi-year investment to accelerate industry innovation in travel retailing. Bringing together the best of Travelport’s existing capabilities and tools, and driving innovation to deliver the unmet needs of our industry, Travelport+ truly changes the game in the speed of delivery of modern travel retail and offers a fundamental upgrade to travel technology,” Webb continued.

Travelport+ has acquired a number of agency and supplier partner buy-ins as part of the initial upgrade exercise, most of which are organisations based in the US and Europe.

Gabrielle Carr, COO, TAG, a global travel and event management company based in the US, said: “Upgrading to Travelport+ has been a game changer. The process was simple. It had an instant, positive impact on our business.”

Online business at UK-based Perfect Holidays has leapt by 30 per cent since the transition to Travelport+, shared managing director Faisal Butt.

Travelport+ will continue to be rolled out globally and users will be assisted by a specialised customer support team.

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