Qantas launches new portal with access to NDC content

Qantas will launch a new portal next year, which will give all travel agents access to New Distribution Capability (NDC) content. Registration and access to the portal will be available through the Qantas Agency Connect website from February 2024.

Agents who may not access Qantas NDC content via an Approved Technology Partner will now have the ability to shop, book and service flights using the capabilities of the Qantas Distribution Platform. Agents in more than 60 countries will have access to a wider range of products, features and capabilities which are only possible via NDC.

All travel agents will have access to Qantas’ NDC content from next year

The portal is tailored for simple customer bookings, and is part of the airline’s commitment and investment in the capabilities of its NDC programme, including lowering domestic and trans-Tasman fares for trade partners, designed to unlock broader industry benefits and modernise how agents service customers.

Qantas continues to invest in its network of Approved Technology Partners, which play an integral role in delivering rich Qantas NDC content, to ensure more agency partners can access the Qantas Distribution Platform.

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