TTG Conversations: Five Questions with Chetan Kapoor, Safe Travel Barometer

Greater understanding of the Covid-19 virus has allowed more airlines to establish sensible safe travel standards today, through partnerships with healthcare specialists, immigration authorities and government agencies.

However, communications between airlines and travellers are still fixated on pandemic-coping mechanisms and not enough attention is being paid to other critical travel aspects that have changed, such as traveller booking flexibility and service excellence.

In this new episode of TTG Conversations: Five Questions, we speak to Chetan Kapoor, co-Founder and chief strategy officer of Safe Travel Barometer.

Besides reviewing how airlines are delivering on safety promises amid a pandemic, Chetan also discusses how efforts have evolved with new information on the virus, airlines’ approach to health passports, and loopholes in Covid-19 testings and quarantine procedures that can weaken travel suppliers’ and immigration agencies’ attempts to limit infections.

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