New TTG video series spotlights innovation amid pandemic

Launching on March 9, a new video series under the TTG Conversations banner will cast the limelight on tourism businesses that have found creative solutions to navigate disruptions caused by the pandemic.

TTG Conversations: Innovator Chat peeks behind the curtain to explore how industry players – both big and small – have turned to innovative or even unorthodox means to ensure business continuity amid travel standstill.

Guest speakers for the debuting March season include Jane Goh of Xperience Singapore Travel & Events, as well as Byron Koh of Lion Heartlanders and TY Suen of Woopa Travels

From gamifying virtual tours to ‘adopting’ wildlife, these unique programmes have proved a critical lifeline that could eventually influence the way travel products are consumed when leisure tourism revives.

Catch weekly rollout of new episodes of TTG Conversations: Innovator Chat on, and on TTG Asia Media’s YouTube channel.

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