Further East 2021 gains Japan backing

The organisers of Further East 2021 and the Japanese National Tourism Board (JNTO) have come together to bring unique digital and physical content to the high-end travel trade event when it takes place from November 15 to 18 this year.

Said to be the first NTO collaboration for the annual Further East event, the partnership will kick off with a cross-platform digital trade campaign throughout 1Q2021, including four newsletters to the invaluable Further East database, each showcasing a unique experience of Japan’s world-renowned hospitality offering; a week-long JNTO takeover of all Further East social channels; and targeted content in official publications, TTG Asia and TTG Asia Luxury.

The Further East-JNTO collaboration is the first NTO partnership for the specialised luxury travel trade event

In an interview with TTG Asia, Ito Kazuhiro, executive director, global projects department at JNTO, said the collaboration materialised on JNTO’s desire to “expand our relationships and partnerships with international organisations that can assist in the future market development of luxury travel and new markets”. He viewed this approach as critical, given that the Covid-19 pandemic had stifled promotional opportunities.

Kazuhiro: vaccines available today will trigger international travel

He said: “For Japan to continue to be a future luxury travel destination, our key objective is to further expand recognition of Japan’s allure to the Further East community and their clients, specifically in relation to its natural wonders, gastronomic experiences, traditional culture, lifestyle customs and history.

“Particularly in regional parts of Japan, there’s a myriad of hidden gems. Through Further East’s marketing channels, such as their newsletter and social media, we hope to increase brand awareness of Japan as a true luxury destination.”

The mutually beneficial effort will see Further East supporting JNTO’s marketing goals through carefully curated experiences and installations at the physical event come November in Bali, Indonesia.

Sophia Asghar, sales manager of Further East, said: “Japan continues to be one of the most requested regions from our cohort of Further East buyers.”

While details of the physical installations are not available at press time, Asghar confirms that Further East “is excited to work with JNTO to increase the presence of Japanese products at the 2021 show”.

When asked for his views on luxury travel recovery potential for Japan, Kazuhiro acknowledged that it was a “difficult question” to answer. However, he noted that “counter measures against the spread of the virus, such as the availability of treatments and vaccinations were the top-ranking triggers that would encourage international travel”, as determined by JNTO research on post-pandemic trends and changing traveller needs.

He added: “Given that vaccinations have begun in an ever-increasing number of countries, this is encouraging. We believe what is most important is to act with the tools we have available at present and to prepare for the international luxury travel market to recover.”

To this end, JNTO remains keen on participating in other international luxury travel trade shows while marketing undiscovered destination content.

“In addition, discussions facilitated by Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism on the development and facilitation of world-class accommodation facilities by public and private sectors are ongoing, and we believe this will improve our preparedness to welcome international luxury travellers to Japan in the near future,” Kazuhiro concluded.

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