Banyan Tree Global Foundation offers grants for sustainability projects

Banyan Tree Global Foundation (BTGF) has launched the Greater Good Grants that aims to support innovative and impactful projects focused on the betterment of the environment and communities.

Founded with the core value of driving sustainable development, Banyan Tree is opening up its grant-giving foundation to external projects further afield from its immediate operating communities this year.

Tree-planting by children of the accredited Laguna Phuket Kindergarten

“Our usual approach has been to award project grants mainly through our operating properties and support the environment and community stakeholders in that specific vicinity. While projects should be in the same countries as where we operate, our new approach is to invite NGOs and academics to apply so we can support more impactful projects benefitting people and the planet,” explained Steve Newman, assistant vice president, group sustainability director and coordinating director of BTGF.

The Greater Good Grants for Year 2021 is now open for submission through December 31, 2020, and will invite projects across six areas as specified. Project grants are up to US$10,000, open to all individuals over the age of 18, who have an organisational affiliation. Submissions will be reviewed by the board of directors of BTGF and an internal panel of stakeholders. Successful project grantees will be notified by 1Q2021.

Projects will be assessed in their contribution to one or more of the following six areas: biodiversity and conservation, resource use and waste management, climate change and resilience, education and empowerment, health and protection; as well as culture and livelihood.

Claire Chiang, co-founder & senior vice president of Banyan Tree Holdings and chairperson of BTGF, said: “We have given project grants to over 150 partners in our operating locales since inception to now. This is our ecosystem of greater good, centred on our belief that our business is a vehicle for societal betterment and transformation. In this time where hope and optimism are needed more than ever, we hope to catalyse positive ripple effects and extend our support to more partners seeking to create positive, sustainable change.”

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