Hygiene front of mind for travellers

Deep cleaning for Covid-19 (corona virus) disease prevention. For safety, spray alcohol, disinfectant on the cleaning cloth wipes in places that are frequently touched at the hotel.

Daily room disinfection tops the list of hygiene and safety measures that travellers are looking out for when booking hotels and other types of accommodations, according to a recent Agoda survey.

Travellers are raring to travel again, but needs the reassurance of the implementation of hygiene and safety measures at accommodations, found the Agoda Hygiene Survey, which was conducted in June 2020 and surveyed more than 2300 people across eight markets.

Daily room disinfection is key component to get travellers moving again: survey

Globally, “daily room disinfection” followed by “daily disinfection (of general areas)” rank as the most important hygiene measures travellers expect to be implemented by hotels and other accommodation providers.

Other measures in the top five include “providing hygiene standard listings”, “providing personal hygiene kit (masks, gloves, etc.)” and “hygiene certification from the government”.

The study comes as Agoda launches HygienePlus, a new verification feature that shows travellers the health and hygiene measures taken by accommodation providers on its travel platform.

The tool is designed to give travellers peace of mind by identifying hotels or homes that meet a checklist of standardised measures, including contactless check-in/out, temperature checks for staff and guests, daily disinfection at property and room level, provision of face masks, sterilising equipment and hand sanitiser for guests, safe dining set up and signs to ensure physical distancing, among others.

For travellers from South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand, “daily room disinfection” tops the priority list, while travellers from Taiwan, the US, Thailand, Australia and Saudi Arabia prioritise “daily disinfection (of general areas)” as the most important measure to get them booking again.

Younger travellers in the 18- to 24-years-old category are more inclined to prioritise “daily room disinfection”, while “daily disinfection (of general areas)” are the most important measure for global respondents in the 35- to 44-years-old age group.

“Hygiene standard listings” is a priority for Thai and Taiwanese travellers, and the most important hygiene measure for travellers aged 18- to 24-years-old globally. Hotels that provide “personal hygiene kits (masks and gloves, etc.)” are valued most by Indonesians, Saudi Arabians and Vietnamese travellers. Bucking the global trend, only Indonesians value “hygiene certification from government” as one of the top three measures to start travelling again.

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