Singapore, Thailand to speed up green lane talks

15 participating hotels in the city

Singapore and Thailand have agreed to expedite ongoing discussions on a reciprocal green lane to facilitate essential business travel between the two countries, said Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) in a press statement on Wednesday.

That agreement was reached during the Singapore-Thailand Political Consultations video conference call on Wednesday, co-chaired by the permanent secretaries of both countries’ foreign ministries: Chee Wee Kiong from Singapore and Busaya Mathelin from Thailand.

Singapore to expedite ongoing discussions with Thailand to set up a reciprocal green lane for essential business travel between the two countries

Besides Thailand, Singapore is currently also in talks with several countries, including Indonesia and Japan, to set up reciprocal green lane arrangements.

During the meeting on Wednesday, both permanent secretaries also had productive talks on strengthening the resilience of supply chains and connectivity networks, while reaffirming the excellent state of bilateral relations between Singapore and Thailand, the ministry said in a statement.

They also shared timely information and experiences on combatting Covid-19, and mutually contributed medical supplies, equipment and Covid-19 diagnostic test kits, it added.

Both parties also emphasised the importance of further intensifying cooperation with ASEAN’s partners through the promotion of research and development on vaccines and medicines, according to the statement.

They also committed to supporting ASEAN’s efforts to fight the pandemic, keeping their economies open and connected, and establishing a framework to deal with future public health emergencies.

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