SIA to provide logistics backing for global pandemic response

Singapore Airlines (SIA) and the non-profit Temasek Foundation are partnering with the World Food Programme (WFP) to transport essential medical supplies and other health and humanitarian items by air to points around the world needing Covid-19 recovery support.

World Food Programme has supported 159 countries since May; photo by WFP/Andrea Tornese

The airline will make ad-hoc charter flights and freight space in its scheduled services available on a cost-recovery basis, with flight costs being covered by a contribution of up to US$6.5 million from the Temasek Foundation.

An estimated US$965 million is required to sustain WFP’s Common Services on behalf of the humanitarian and health community. Since commencing in May, WFP has managed more than 800 humanitarian flights to 159 countries, with enough cargo to fill 188 jumbo jets expected to require WFP transport in the coming weeks. However, only 21 per cent of the required funding has been received to-date. With additional support, WFP’s passenger and cargo flights are likely to grind to a halt at the end of this month.

“While demand for WFP Common Services grows every week, resources are stretched incredibly thin and additional support is urgently needed,” said Amer Daoudi, WFP’s Covid-19 corporate response director.

“We are very grateful to Singapore Airlines and Temasek Foundation for stepping up so we can continue delivering life-saving supplies to those who need them most.”

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