Delivering Group rolls out strategic recovery suite for hospitality organisations

Delivering Group, which provides strategic consulting services to the hospitality and tourism industries around the world, has launched a suite of customised services that will help organisations in Asia-Pacific plan and manage their recovery from the ongoing impacts of the pandemic.

Aptly named Good to Go, the initiative offers a wide range of services, including planning, marketing, Artificial Intelligence and chatbot solutions, sales, and resourcing.

From left: Mark Simmons and Michael Yates

Delivering Group’s co-founder Mark Simmons said Good to Go was developed in response to sector requests for assistance with recovery plans.

“We can help identify emerging market opportunities and segments. Then, when the timing is right, develop and execute specific actionable, deliverable plans to leverage those opportunities. This will include a mix of integrated online and offline campaigns, traditional and social media engagement and resourcing, and senior account sales management in the leisure and corporate sectors with the clients. Plans are customised to suit the needs of clients with tiered levels of investment,” Simmons detailed.

He noted that business opportunities are starting to emerge in Asia-Pacific, where there has been “a gradual reopening of domestic travel in Asia-Pacific markets such as China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and New Zealand, as well as limited intra-regional travel which will increase”.

As the same time, Europe had opened its borders to 14 countries, including several in Asia-Pacific, and that governments in the region were engaging in bilateral discussions about safely resuming two-way travel.

“Singapore has established a green lane with China and is looking to do the same with others in the region. South Korea and China initiated a fast-track plan for business travel between designated cities and Australia and New Zealand are considering options for a Trans-Tasman bubble,” Simmons said.

Although the pandemic is likely to continue in the short to medium term, Simmons believes that it is important for destinations, airlines, hotels, cruise operators, attractions and other industry players to have recovery strategies in place so they can pivot quickly as opportunities emerge across the region.

“They need to be ready to act, as and when it is safe to do so. We have the knowledge and connections to help,” he stated.

Fellow co-founder Michael Yates, a central player in the successful Project Phoenix campaign with PATA which revitalised travel to the region following the SARS outbreak in 2002 and 2003, said China would be a crucial part of any recovery strategy for organisations in Asia-Pacific, in addition to other key source markets in the region.

“We are fortunate to have a very strong team based in Beijing, which is already working on recovery plans for travel clients, such as Celebrity Cruises, and has the expertise and connections to design and execute campaigns that deliver results,” Yates said.

Delivering Group is represented in Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Beijing and New York, with other founders being Ming Yue who leads in China and Joe Cauchi in North America.

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