South Korean hotels ramp up focus on domestic honeymooners

Luxury hotels in South Korea are releasing honeymoon packages to attract newlyweds looking for domestic options to celebrate their marriage, in light of prevailing global travel restrictions amid the coronavirus.

The Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul, a downtown resort located in Namsan, is offering a limited-time Honeymoon Package, which includes a luxurious spa treatment, fancy dinner, and the use of its outdoor pool Oasis.

Paradise City among a number of luxury hotels in South Korea eyeing newlyweds seeking domestic getaways

Elsewhere in Incheon, Paradise City has launched the Honeymoon Flight package, with two options: Economy Choice and Prestige Choice. Guests can enjoy amenities like club lounges, swimming pools, saunas as well as an in-room private dining experience that prioritises safety.

Since March, the Haevichi Hotel & Resort in Jeju Island has been offering the Romantic Honeymoon package for couples. Perks include an executive room with an ocean view that comes with a complimentary whipped cream cake and sparkling wine. Couples can also enjoy an outdoor swimming pool as well as the option of golfing in Jeju’s famous golf courses.

Efforts to attract newlyweds are made not only at hotels, but at travel agencies too. DMC Palm Tour has been hosting customised one-on-one consultations with couples who have troubles planning their honeymoons due to uncertainties related to the pandemic.

“We recommend our clients airlines that offer early bird discounts as well as a full refund in the event of unexpected occasions like entry bans. They will also be guaranteed a full refund if they cancel 48 hours before check-in,” said its CEO Kwon Il-ho.

Palm Tour offers discounts for advance honeymoon bookings: Kwon

He added: “Not only do we offer discounts for those who reserve in advance for their honeymoon in the spring of 2021, but we have a system in place to guarantee a full refund if they were to cancel hotel resorts located in Hawaii, the Maldives and Mauritius as well.”

Popular overseas honeymoon destinations like Bali and the Maldives were closed due to the virus, but they are slowly opening up, propping up expectations for new business opportunities come next year. Guam said it will lift quarantine procedures for South Koreans from July 1.

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