Brisbane Airport’s new runway ready for take off

To commemorate the opening of Brisbane’s new runway, Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) is creating a time capsule for future generations to look back on.

15 years in the making, Brisbane Airport’s new runway is a key milestone in propelling the city to new heights as an aviation hub and to facilitate recovery for both the city and state from the global pandemic.

Brisbane Airport celebrates new runway with time capsule

With the cancellation of events planned for the runway’s opening due to Covid-19, BAC is inviting community members to contribute symbolic items for inclusion, creating a snapshot of 2020 for the unveiling in 50 years’ time – the same length of time the runway has been in the plans to be built.

The time capsule, to be opened in 2070, will be sealed during the official ribbon-cutting opening ceremony for Brisbane’s new runway on July 12, 2020. The sealed capsule will be housed in the Kingsford Smith Memorial at Brisbane Airport.

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