Amadeus builds recovery playbooks for hoteliers

Amadeus has released an eBooks collection, designed to help hoteliers navigate the path to recovery post-pandemic.

The eBooks are created in partnership with a trio of global hospitality organisations, namely, Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI), the Institute of Hospitality, and the Hospitality Professionals Association.

Amadeus’ new eBooks will aid hoteliers to chart a course to recovery, including how operational departments can address new cleanliness protocols

Some 76 per cent of HSMAI members are starting to prospect new types of account business and traveller segments they previously did not focus on, according to their research.

Additionally, a new global customer segment of travellers is emerging – Generation Clean, a new cross-generational segment of traveller who will prioritise health and hygiene when hotel shopping in this new era.

The eBooks contain key findings from a research conducted among members of the various organisations, looking at the short- and long-term strategies hoteliers need to develop over the four phases of recovery, which span local, domestic, continental, and a global reopening.

With travel restrictions in place for the remainder of the year, hoteliers will need to strategically plan to re-segment their expected guests and cater their approaches accordingly.

HSMAI president & CEO Robert Gilbert said: “Together, we are identifying new ways to handle a new world of hospitality through knowledge sharing, better understanding traveller intentions, observing best practices in parts of the world that are beginning to emerge from the crisis, and implementing new policies and procedures.”

Below is a list of topics covered by the four eBooks:

  1. Planning for Hospitality Recovery – Marketing
    • Advice for hoteliers preparing a marketing plan, including relevant data and leading indicators to look out for
    • Audience profiles and messaging to appeal to the changing trends and behaviours caused by Covid-19
    • Channels and steps to consider in order to retain existing guests and attract demand throughout the different stages of recovery
  2. Planning for Hospitality Recovery – Sales
    • Action steps to maintain sales team motivation and continuity
    • Tactical advice to reposition sales strategy and to prospect new group business
    • Key skills needed to navigate a world of digital selling
  3. Planning for Hospitality Recovery – Revenue Management
    • Building new segmentation strategy according to recovery phases
    • Create pricing strategy that is flexible, while guarding rates
    • Create new competitive sets based on the changes happening
  4. Planning for Hospitality Recovery – Operations
    • Tactical action steps and best practices to implement from arrival to departure
    • How operational departments can address physical distancing, sanitation and cleanliness procedures, and provisions of PPE
    • How to enhance the guest experience and achieve trust, while implementing new standards
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