CLIA’s Cruise Champion training now open to all

CLIA is offering open access to its new online training course, Cruise Champion, making it available to travel agents and other industry supporters from outside the association’s membership.

The course will take a deep dive into the workings of the global cruise industry, helping to combat misperceptions and raise awareness of the strict regulations that govern cruising operations worldwide, so travel agents will be better placed to respond to clients’ queries.

CLIA offers free access to its online training course, Cruise Champion, to promote greater awareness of the cruising industry

CLIA managing director Australasia & Asia Joel Katz said: “By sharing more knowledge about cruise line practices and the strict regulations that govern our industry, we can build a bigger network of voices who advocate for cruising globally.

Topics covered include regulations, safety, health, security, environmental protection and corporate social responsibility.

While other CLIA education options will remain exclusive to members, Cruise Champion can be accessed without charge.

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