Korean Air starts zonal boarding

Korean Air has become the latest airline to implement a back-to-front zone boarding system for economy passengers on all its domestic and international routes.

Under the system, the airline will board passengers seated at the back of the aircraft first, as part of social distancing measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 by reducing contact between passengers.

Korean Air rolls out reverse zone boarding system on its economy flights as part of social-distancing measures

Each aircraft is subdivided into three to four zones depending on its size, and the zone number is printed on passengers’ boarding passes so that travellers can easily check their boarding order.

However, passengers with infants or children, the elderly and those needing special assistance will be permitted to pre-board, regardless of their zone number.

Korean Air has been actively implementing social distancing and hygiene protocols at all stages of travel. For instance, there are floor markers at the gate for international flights to remind passengers to maintain distance while waiting to board the flight.

The airline requires all passengers and employees to wear face masks, regularly disinfects all its aircraft and provides hygiene products, including hand sanitisers for travellers and staff on both aircraft and at airports. In addition, Korean Air conducts temperature checks on passengers on all flights and provides protective gowns and goggles to all cabin crew members.

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